Black Magazine Kenya is an artistic and intellectual magazine that is designed and developed by artists. It is a portal of creativity where we talk about everything and anything while bringing together all the divergent views. Please feel free to contact us at Also like our facebook page Black Magazine Kenya and instagram page Black Magazine Kenya; please share the content you find interesting with your friends and artistic crowd. Looking for some inspiration then explore and you will find an answer.

Our Mission is to give artists more freedom to create without the added burden of political correctness. We welcome artists, writers, musicians, poets and fashion designers who want to showcase their works in the magazine. We don't charge anything. The magazine is completely free for artists to promote their creations. However we offer advertising space to entreprenuers who want to sell their products or services at an affordable monthly rate. This is just to cover operational costs to run the magazine.

Our Vision is to see a more diverse artistic world with various cultures and identities mixing, geling to create their own original works of art. We sincerely hope that many collaborations will be born and established artists will be able to help upcoming artists hone and develop their talents.

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What We Do

  • Website Design

    We provide our esteemed clients with websites that are designed towards their needs. We also provide site maintainance services, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management. We deliver websites within 5 working days. For complex websites the delivery time is slightly longer. Websites start from 20,000 shillings and shillings 3200 for domain registration.

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  • Content Development

    .......................... Our writers and designers have worked for various media and production companies. They understand that 'content is king'. A great website with low quality content is a great turnoff. Let us develop content that is original and of high quality. We develop content for any media; videos, blogs, social media pages. Charges are subject to the demands of the client. ..........................

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  • Web Development

    We have recently partnered with a couple of freelance software developers. If you are looking for a web application or mobile application look no further. We have a team of dedicated software developers who can design and create an app that will be unique and functional. We pride ourselves on high quality work. The client will recieve regular updates from the team during the project phase.

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  • Photography

    .................. So you want that perfect look for an event be it wedding, product launch, family album or you are an aspiring model looking to venture into the world of fashion? We have professional photographers who are great at what they do. Our charges are 5000 shillings for 15 photos for a model's portfolio, 25000 shillings to cover a one day wedding event and 35000 shillings for a product launch. We also offer additional printing services for an extra cost. ............................

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  • Graphic Design

    Our team of freelance graphic designers can create excellent designs based on the needs of our clients. We create T-shirt designs, logos, 2D animations, posters, storyboards and cartoons. We also offer additonal printing services. Our charges are 5000 shillings for logos and T-shirt designs, 10000 shillings for simple 2D animations and 20000 shillings or more for complex animations.

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  • Research and Proposal Writing

    Are you sitting for an exam and you have fallen behind in your research or are you working on a complex scientific project with lots of research? Let our team of researchers and writers do that for you. We provide research in any topic. We also do a lot of proposal writing. Let us worry about the research and you concentrate on your day to day. Research and Proposal writing starts from 30000 shillings.

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Black Magazine Kenya

  • Entertainment

    Filah Red Fourth - vocalist/composer


    Thank you, my name is Filah but my legal names are Philip Tuju Sijenyi, I fell in love with music at a very young age but took it seriously in high school at Upper Hill School, when I joined the choir.I was introduced to harmony and It was heaven to me; how so many voices could come together to form something so beautiful. It was then that I vowed I would work towards being an arranger and composer of vocal music.

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  • Entertainment

    Rigga Hip Hop Artist


    My official (ID) name is Charles Righa. I’m an only child raised by a single mother. My mom and I are very close. Because of her job we had the opportunity to live in and visit many places around the world together. This exposed me to a variety of cultures and gave me a deep appreciation for my own as well. So to date I am a melting pot of ideas and influences.

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  • Entertainment

    Mufasa The Poet


    I started writing to keep myself company. Writing was my way of having a conversation for the many times I liked being alone. I had a skin condition in high school and a couple of family issues we were going through that I wanted to keep a secret. The thing with having a secret is, you have this urge to say something but you can't, so I took it to paper. I wrote stuff first, just stuff, not necessarily poetry.

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  • Entertainment


    LVS Mziki - Afro-Pop Band


    LVSMziki was founded in October, 2016 by Vini Hush & Mykey Mykey. One day, the duo held a practice session at the cool, calm and windy Nairobi Arboretum. It was on this day that they decided to name the band, the obvious romantic choice was, “Moving Wind”, from the chilly wind that blew across the forest.

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